Saturday, 9 September 2017

The NEWS REPORT of the SAVAGE KILLING of senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh at her home in Raj Rajeshwari Nagar in Bengaluru on September 5, 2017 by suspected Extreme Right Wing GOONS

 MY TAKE on this GRUESOME MURDER of Senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh by suspected Extreme Right Wing GOONS

 Apropos the heinous murder of Senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh for her ‘middle of the road’ social, secular & constitutionally upright views’, by suspected Right Wing Fringe Groups, is to be condemned unequivocally. Date September 7, 2017   

            The heinous murder of Senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh, who was shot dead on September 5th, 2017 evening ( Ironically on  “Teachers DAY”!) for her ‘middle of the road’ social, secular & constitutionally upright views that were Rational and  totally against Bigotry & Superstitions of all hues, is to be condemned unequivocally.
            She was barbarically shot at from a range of 6-7 feet & purportedly seven bullets were fired towards her from very close range by suspected Right Wing Fringe Group Members , out of which, three bullets pierced her body as per the police Report.
            The manner of her assassination was identical to the Modus-Operandi used in a similar  assassination of M.M. Kalburgi , two years back by the same suspected group of two or three assassins, with suspected membership to some Underground Right Wing Fringe Group  professing  Fascist ideology of eliminating all dissent & dissenters physically if the dissenter seemed to be  strongly against their fascist ideology and if he or she had become a thorn in their flesh.
            Strangely & coincidentally, all the four  recent assassinations, starting with Narendra Dhabolkar (August 20, 2013), Govind Pansare (February 20, 2015)-( both in Maharashtra) and Malleshappa Madivalappa Kalburgi (August 30, 2015)& now Gauri Lankesh ( September 5, 2017)(these two in Karnataka) have identical Modus Operandi and apparently have drawn  a leaf out of the Modus Operandi that was used by Nathuram Godse to assassinate Mahatma Gandhi on 30th January 1948.( Note: Nathuram Godse was purportedly an  R S S member who had resigned from RSS membership only a few days ahead of his successful attempt to assassinate Mahatma Gandhiji so as to COVER UP his Liaison with other RSS bigwigs like Veer Sawarkar who was  another accused in the Mahatma Gandhi Assassination Trial but was acquitted due to lack of CLINCHING EVIDENCE of his involvement in that Conspiracy of the most GRAVE POLITICAL ASSASSINATION of the 20th Century ; that of Mahatma Gandhi).   
            Not only the common Modus Operandi  of the series of Assassination of well known dissenters against the Extreme Right Wing Ideology (that gets termed variously as Implementation of “HINDUTVA or SANTAN DHARMA or HINDU RASHTRA” in India, by altering its present nature of being a Democratic, Socialist & Secular Republic into a Majoritarian – Hindu Rashtra) points clearly to some already identified Extreme Right Wing Fringe groups operating from Pune and Goa, it also Clearly Establishes the lackadaisical approach of all the INVESTIGATIVE AGENCIES involved – CBI, Maharashtra COD and Karnataka COD, towards these murders, since even Dhabolkar’s murder that is more than four years old remains UNSOLVED, showing  a DELIBERATE ATTEMPT by these agencies to GO SLOW & eventually put these MURDERS permanently UNDER the CARPET by closing their files as “Unsolved Crimes!
            The Diabolical Nature of the Sequence of four Assassinations in four years and the spreading Culture of Violence , especially amongst Lumpen Goons belonging to the Political Extreme Right wing is truly a Dangerous Portent for our fledgling democracy that is already under strain due to its multitude of diverse ethnic and religious groups competing for a share in  political power and a share  in the cake of economic benefits that ensues with capturing of political power.
            So, the Indian State, center & the state Governments should all rise above narrow political gains and unitedly FIGHT this SCOURGE  as otherwise our FOURTH PILLAR of DEMOCRACY the MEDIA together with outspoken Tall & Colossal Public Speakers / Iconic Writers  who champion Freedom Of Speech and Expression and fight for Equality & Fraternity amongst all citizens and especially those who Fight against Bigotry and Superstitions of all hues,  will all be at great risk of getting Physically Eliminated like Gauri Lankesh was!

Shahabuddin Nadeem