Wednesday, 30 April 2014

We have nothing but the power of truth to offer: Kejriwal - The Hindu

We have nothing but the power of truth to offer: Kejriwal - The Hindu

Meva Jayate & Sau Sunar ki to Yek Lohar(God) Ki,  AUR yeh MAAR bahut Jald Padegi JHOOTON aur
                    Wish and Pray to God to
BESTOW - GODSPEED and THUMPING VICTORY to India’s  “Defiant, Steadfast, Resolute, Unshaken and
Unshakable 'DAVID'-  Arvind Kejriwal and
HIS ‘Never Say Die , Die-Hard 
Lieutenants in AAP, over the Symbols of BRUTE UNTRUTH, LIES and FALSE
(Bought out) MEDIA  POWER – personified

         We have nothing but the power of truth
to offer: Kejriwal-The Hindu


It is being reported time and again  that he neither believes in the LAW of the Land (Indicated by Allegations of  Spate of State Sponsored Extra Judicial Killings through Fake Encounters) and now through this report, it is OBVIOUS he does not believe in any Political Ethics & Morals!

EC asks Gujarat administration to file complaint/FIR against Modi
Acting tough, the Election Commission on Wednesday directed the Gujarat administration to file a complaint or FIR against Narendra Modi for violating electoral laws by displaying the BJP’s election symbol and making a speech after casting his vote in Gandhinagar.

NCW issues notice to Ramdev

The National Commission for Women has issued a notice to yoga guru Baba Ramdev for his ’honeymoon remarks’ against Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi that has triggered a major controversy.

It seems, as the Loksabha Election draws nearer to its closure and the all important date of declaration of results of this LOKSABHA poll - May 16, 2014, draws nearer every day, BABA RAMDEV’s BIG mouth is Becoming BIGGER by the day considering  the frequent “Foot in the Mouth and Politically Highly Brazen and INSULTING comments” he has started making, assuming Probably that  he may get inducted in to Modi’s cabinet as  CABINET RANK MINISTER for “RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS”(!) PRESUMING HIMSELF like a DEMI-GOD(!) that MODI’s government  is sure to FORM(!) even before the ELECTION RESULTS are out!
                 Therefore, the following demand from Mrs. Mayawati against Baba Ramdev  is TOTALLY JUSTIFIED for an ABHORENT CRIME committed by this Baba whom many allege that he is a Fake one –  because  Genuine BABA's are TRUE SAINTS who RENOUNCE Worldly Affairs/ Pleasures/ Animosities etc and LEAD all others towards SPRITUALITY!
                  This Baba Ramdev is in fact a Corporatised Baba considering Huge Commercial Corporation he runs in India as well as abroad in the name of YOGA& who is also a' POLITICAL BABA being a DIEHARD SUPPORTER of BJP &its present MASCOT Mr. Modi.
                     For his abhorrent & defamatory crime of implicitly calling Dalit Women as being of Lose Character who would have indulged in Honeymoon with Rahul Gandhi when he had made those publicized Home Night Stays with Dalit Families in UP,Ms.Mayawati is right in urging  Election Commission & Uttar Pradesh government to book Baba Ramdev under Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act and  to send him to jail immediate without BAIL & keep him there in Jail till this Trial gets over!

7)     This man who is DESPERATE to become PM ,has Abhorent, Crude and Abnoxious sense of Humour and once ANY SILLY PUN ( Like the 'Dill Mange More' Patriotic Wish of Late -Param Vir Chakra, Captain Vikram Batra twisted to SUIT his POLITICAL WISH to become PM at ANY and EVERY ONE's COST) comes to his mind, apparently HE Can't control his inner SOUL LESS urge to Immediately Exhale the PUN in to the PUBLIC DOMAIN like any Stand Up comedian does to entertain his audience and Reflexively Plays to the Gallery!

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Don't use our son's name for votes: Kargil war hero's family to Modi

Kargil War hero and Param Vir Chakra award winner late Captain Vikram Batra's mother on Friday accused BJP prime ministerial candidate of using her son's name for electoral gains.

#KargilWar #VikramBatra #NarendraModi