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Disquiet over SPP Rohini Salian's claim on 2008 Malegaon blasts probe - The Hindu

Disquiet over SPP Rohini Salian's claim on 2008 Malegaon blasts probe - The Hindu

Disquiet over a claim- Editorial -The
Hindu, June 29, 2015

                              Disquiet over
statement of Rohini Salian,Special Public Prosecutor in 2008 case of Malegaon
blasts that is investigated by NIA,that she was“Directed to Go Slow,is not a
recent occurrence of  “INTERFERENCE” or
what may even be referred to as “Covering Up” attempts by  Investigating Authorities in most if not ALL
cases concerning Anti Muslim Riot Cases 
but for recent Higher Judicial ( Supreme Court's) Interventions like
those in High Casualty/ GRUESOME and BARBARIC 
Gujarat Anti-Muslim Pogrom cases such as Naroda Patya & Best Bakery.
(However It is a different matter altogether that CONVICTS Baba Bajrangi / Dr.
Maya Kodnani who were sentenced for LIFE TERMS in excess of 30 years in those
case, are ROAMING free on BAIL now under the NDA rule!)
                     So it is hardly surprising
that Maharashtra SIT detected cases in which Hindu terrorist groups stand
accused, thanks to Martyr Hemant Karkare’s tireless work to arrive at the real
Truth behind the cases like the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, the Samjhauta
Express and Ajmer Sharif, all in 2007; in Modasa in Gujarat in 2008, and in
Malegaon earlier in 2006, are GETTING DERAILED by NIA itself, that is akin to
FENCE eating away the Garden / Law enforcers turning LAW breakers! But the List
of such cases where MISCARRIAGE of JUSTICE through active CONNIVANCE of some or
the other LAW ENFORCING authorities is endless- Meerut,

                    Is it not Ironical that in
the December 1992- March 1993, three month long Rampaging Riots in the Then
BOMBAY, where government (Diluted?) Figures show that about 900 persons were
KILLED, with a majority of them being Muslims as per Sri Krishna Inquiry
Commission report that CONTINUES to gather dust in the Cupboards of the Maharashtra
Assembly till date, not a SINGLE CONVICTION has happened  against any of the Police Officers or the
Hindu Extremist Rioters belonging to a Political Party  who were indicted by the Inquiry Commission,
while the TADA court that tried the 1993 Bombay Bomb Blast case has not only
CONVICTED but also Sentenced 100 accused amongst who, 95% were Muslims! Here we
see that the STATE went ahead with “ALACRITY” to bring to BOOK all the MUSLIM
CONSPIRATORS involved in the REACTION to the three month long Bombay Riots
but  has “ SLEEP WALKED and DRAGGED its
FEET while taking up CASES against the Hindu Extremist Rioters who were
indicted by the Sri Krishna Inquiry Report!

                   And when one comes down to
considering the Gujarat Anti-Muslim Gujarat Pogrom post Godhra Train Carnage,
that MANY INQUIRY REPORTS claim that it was a “STATE SPONSORED POGROM”, it is
MORE than IRONICAL that the State of Gujarat showed SIMILAR ALACRITY to ARREST
and TRY and get Convicted all those (Muslims from Godhra) who were suspected of
involvement in the Godhra Train Carnage, but went on to DRAG its FEET in the
TRIALS connected with the ACCUSED in the 
LATER had to even SHIFT many of those Cases of BARBARIC and SAVAGE MAYHEM of
hundreds of Muslims at Countless places such as Naroda Patya , Gulbarg Society,
Best Bakery and so on and so forth, to SPECIALLY DESIGNATED COURT in
MAHARASHTRA to prevent what was appearing as a DELIBERATE ATTEMPT at ENSURING
MISCARRIAGE of JUSTICE in favour of the Hindu Extremist Rioters!
                           Now to give a
Simplified Analysis of  the ABOVE
mentioned TWO IRONICAL responses of the State of India while dealing with the
past ,endless list of  “Communal Riots”;
it is this that in the 1992-93 Bombay Riots and subsequent Bomb Blast cases,
the initial “RAMPAGING COMMUNAL ACTION” by Extremist Hindu Elements got TOTALLY
Punished by the LAW whereas in the Case of the Godhra Train Carnage, the
the LAW whereas it now appears that despite SUPREME COURTS MONITORED SIT investigations
and CONVICTIONS in the Special Designated court in Maharashtra,the Convicts
like Baba Bajrangi and Dr Maya Kodnani and SCORES of others including those
from the Gujarat Police facing trials in scores of FAKE ENCOUNTER CASES, are
getting CONDONED through the back-door!

                  AND lastly, to conclude; if
the Sate of India is going to CONTINUE to show this GLARING DICHOTOMY of
“DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSITE responses in its LAW Enforcement” that is , “Condoning
Violent Communal Action by Hindu Extremist” while “Punishing the Reaction to it
by Muslim Communal Reactionaries” in one case ( Bombay), and in another case,
just the opposite response, that is, 
“Punishing the Violent Communal Action by Muslim Fundamentalists” while
“Condoning the Barbaric, Savage, Reaction of a Genocidal Proportion by Hindu
Extremist ( Gujarat),(and MAY be many more such Dichotomous Communal Events can
also be similarly analysed if one were to do some INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTIC
RESEARCH in Depth?), One WONDERS, as to, how does the Indian State REALLY HOPE
FENCE eating away Garden-There is an Endless List!
Disquiet ovr SPP Rohinis claim on 2008
Malegaon blasts probe-Hindu

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cartoonscape - The Hindu

Cartoonscape - The Hindu

                      Most WITTY cartoon that shows how RSS/BJP
Gen Sec  RAMMADHAV was forced to
"EAT CROW" after IDIOTICALLY TWEETING against VP Hamid Ansari for not
attending YOGA DAY, since the Vice President, being ABOVE in protocol to the PM
, had not even been invited to the function of HYPE/HYPERBOLE HOOPLA over the
yoga day? !

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

‘Hot pursuit’ of terror groups is kosher, says Israel envoy Daniel Carmon - The Hindu

‘Hot pursuit’ of terror groups is kosher, says Israel envoy Daniel Carmon - The Hindu

My letter addressed to The Hindu on June 14, 2015 , debunking the MYTHS around Israel's , so called "Hot Pursuit Doctrine's Successes"!

Dear Sir,

  Subject: ‘Hot pursuit is kosher, says Israel envoy’- Interview with Israel’s Ambassador, The Hindu, June 14, 2015

                  One should realize that the doctrine of “Hot Pursuit” is by its very nature, a “Double Edged Sword” that can cut both ways since the country in to which a neighboring country’s Defence Forces intrude will then have an unexceptionable & inviolable right to do the same inside the borders of the intruding country using the same pretext that may then lead to a FULL FLEDGED /  LARGE SCALE WAR. 

                  It is also to be noted that this kind of “HOT PURSUIT” strategy by Israel over the 66 year long violent West Asian history after its FORCIBLE CREATION OVER the LANDS of PALESTINIANS in 1948 has NOT PROVIDED it the PEACE and TRANQUILITY that many generations of its citizens have been denied, every day of their existence! 

                 So, in the interest of all the CITIZENS of the two adjacent countries, a LASTING PEACEFUL SETTLEMENT of all PENDING DISPUTES between them will be the real solution especially for those who live near the borders and who have to bear the brunt of any CROSS BORDER INCURSIONS from either side!

               Lastly, it was really amusing to note the PATRONISING TONE and Tenor in the ADVICE of the Ambassador of a Country, Israel, that is almost Minuscule compared to India in all respects AND if one were to read between the lines , this advice, while encouraging India to pursue a Doctrine of Hot Pursuit on a no-holds barred style, was in a way, WISHING for a FULL FLEDGED WAR between India and Pakistan ( they want India to destroy Pakistan’s Nukes!) Tomorrow, Israel may get emboldened to even OFFER to India its ESPIONAGE / SPY agency, “MOSAD’S active assassination” SERVICES to our Intelligence agencies that if used will not only ESCALATE the WAR like Situation on the India–Pak border, it may also result in a RACE for such Covert actions between the two countries! So, India should not take this “SELF SERVING” advice from Israel and try and solve the border disputes with all its neighbors including Pakistan and China through Peaceful Negotiations disregarding all the WAR MONGERS on all sides!