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Police register case against group celebrating URA’s death - The Hindu

Police register case against group celebrating URA’s death - The Hindu - Dated August 23, 2014

            A person of unmatched iconic status in the world of Kannada Literature,
Mr. U. R. Ananthamurthy,
who was equally adept and proficient in
English and had a ‘Self Declared’ -
“Insatiable Hunger” for “Equality, Modernity
and Spirituality,” is sadly no more with us as he has left for his “Heavenly
Abode” leaving behind him a “Void” of “Gargantuan” proportions that may, sadly,
never get filled again.
            His name’s first part, ‘Anantha’ did
suggest and imply an “Endless Presence” and we can be rest assured that his
dead body might have been reduced to ashes after his cremation, but the ‘Body
of his Literary work in Kannada’ as well as his recorded and at times much ‘reviled
against’ Liberal –Socialist –Secular views on our Indian Society, shall keep
his ‘Persona’s Presence’, eternally and collectively in our memories!
            His demise within two months after
Mr. Modi becoming the PM, is in a way striking, and does make us believe in God
more intensely, like Ananthamurthy himself used to, despite many of his
detractors and critics ‘Branding’ him an agnostic or atheist or rationalist just
because he did not show any inclination or liking  towards the symbolism of ‘Idol Worshipping’.
It is striking because he had recently, during the campaign
for the Loksabha Elections,  going
against the Huge Current Of Public Opinion in favour of giving Mr.Modi a Clean
Chit for his role in the 2002 Gujarat Pogrom and Accepting his likely Ascension
to the ‘august seat of the Prime Minister of India’, had declared nonchalantly,
his dislike for Mr.Modi in no uncertain terms by stating “I would not like to
live in India with Modi as its Prime Minister”! God has apparently granted him
his wish by shifting him from ‘India under Modi’ to what must certainly be a
‘Heavenly Abode!

Lastly, it was almost deeply Traumatic for Ananthamurthy’s
followers to see the TV news coverage of some Right-wing Lumpen elements in
Chickmagalore, ‘Celebrating’ the demise of Mr. Ananathamurthy by Lighting Fire
Crackers and Dancing around in a frenzy. One is left aghast to wonder as to
what level of unfathomable depths our Social Mores have fallen that one’s
political dissent makes him an Extremely Hated Pariah and an Enemy whose Death
becomes an occasion for celebration!  

The COMPLETE LINK to this NEWS ITEM in  The Hindu dated  August 23, 2014 is :


Activists stage two protests condemning the act

The Mangalore city police, on their own, registered a case on Saturday against the group that reportedly celebrated the death of writer U.R. Ananthamurthy on Friday. They had burst crackers near the well known Kadri Manjunatha temple in Kadri. A couple of local TV channels showed footage of the celebrations.
Police Commissioner R. Hithendra said the Mangalore East police have taken up a case under Section 290 of the Indian Penal Code (committing public nuisance). Bursting crackers after the demise of the writer was an inappropriate act leading to public misconduct, Mr. Hithendra said. The commissioner said video footage of the act was being watched closely to identify persons involved in the celebration. No specific group has been identified, he added.
Meanwhile, activists and Congress members, who staged two protests in the city, condemned the act of the group involved in the celebrations. “We should ignore such incidents while taking forward the ideals and thinking of this great writer,” said Narendra Nayak, president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations.
Vasanth Achary, president of the Centre for Indian Trade Union, Mangalore unit, said celebrating a death was more shocking than the news of losing such a great writer. Shekar Hejamady of Dalit Sangarsh Samiti said leaders of organisations to whom this celebrating group related to should explain their act to the people. Writer Sara Abboobacker and Democratic Youth Federation of India’s State president Muneer Katipalla also particpated.
‘Act against State’

MLC Ivan D’Souza said such behaviour was akin to an act against the State. District Congress Committee’s in charge president Ibrahim Kodijal, District Congress spokesperson Kallige Taranath Shetty and District Youth Congress president Mithun Rai were among those who attended the demonstration.

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