Tuesday, 16 June 2015

‘Hot pursuit’ of terror groups is kosher, says Israel envoy Daniel Carmon - The Hindu

‘Hot pursuit’ of terror groups is kosher, says Israel envoy Daniel Carmon - The Hindu

My letter addressed to The Hindu on June 14, 2015 , debunking the MYTHS around Israel's , so called "Hot Pursuit Doctrine's Successes"!

Dear Sir,

  Subject: ‘Hot pursuit is kosher, says Israel envoy’- Interview with Israel’s Ambassador, The Hindu, June 14, 2015

                  One should realize that the doctrine of “Hot Pursuit” is by its very nature, a “Double Edged Sword” that can cut both ways since the country in to which a neighboring country’s Defence Forces intrude will then have an unexceptionable & inviolable right to do the same inside the borders of the intruding country using the same pretext that may then lead to a FULL FLEDGED /  LARGE SCALE WAR. 

                  It is also to be noted that this kind of “HOT PURSUIT” strategy by Israel over the 66 year long violent West Asian history after its FORCIBLE CREATION OVER the LANDS of PALESTINIANS in 1948 has NOT PROVIDED it the PEACE and TRANQUILITY that many generations of its citizens have been denied, every day of their existence! 

                 So, in the interest of all the CITIZENS of the two adjacent countries, a LASTING PEACEFUL SETTLEMENT of all PENDING DISPUTES between them will be the real solution especially for those who live near the borders and who have to bear the brunt of any CROSS BORDER INCURSIONS from either side!

               Lastly, it was really amusing to note the PATRONISING TONE and Tenor in the ADVICE of the Ambassador of a Country, Israel, that is almost Minuscule compared to India in all respects AND if one were to read between the lines , this advice, while encouraging India to pursue a Doctrine of Hot Pursuit on a no-holds barred style, was in a way, WISHING for a FULL FLEDGED WAR between India and Pakistan ( they want India to destroy Pakistan’s Nukes!) Tomorrow, Israel may get emboldened to even OFFER to India its ESPIONAGE / SPY agency, “MOSAD’S active assassination” SERVICES to our Intelligence agencies that if used will not only ESCALATE the WAR like Situation on the India–Pak border, it may also result in a RACE for such Covert actions between the two countries! So, India should not take this “SELF SERVING” advice from Israel and try and solve the border disputes with all its neighbors including Pakistan and China through Peaceful Negotiations disregarding all the WAR MONGERS on all sides! 

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