Sunday, 24 June 2018


          “HATE” is the MOST SELF DESTRUCTING emotion that results in MORE HARM in the long run  to the person who INDULGES in HATE of OTHERS than it AFFECTS his OBJECTS of HATE!
        Since this a SLOW POISON that weakens the OVERALL CHARACTER of that person to CONVERT HIM into an “ENTITY that is FULL of a “SELF& INTERNALLY  CREATED POISON POTION” that starts  CORRODING & PUSHING his own PSHYCHE towards HATING more & more “ OTHERS” who he starts disliking for some MINOR REASON or the OTHER and EVENTUALLY this HATE becomes an ALL – ENCOMPASSING emotion in his SELF that leaves him with NO LOVE or AFFECTION for any one and he BECOMES TOTALLY an AUTOMATON that can only HATE at the expense of all other and MORE POSITIVE & PRODUCTIVE Emotions like LOVE, RESPECT etc that normally ENDEAR a PERSON to OTHERS , where as his CONSTANT INDDULGENCE in “HATE-TALK” against others LEAVES many of his OWN EARLIER Friends to DESRET him –branding him a PYSCHO!
        SO just like CIGARETTE SMOKING is EXTREMELY HARMFUL / INJURIOUS to those who SMOKE, for those who PRACTICE “ HATE”,  this “POISON of HATE” too is EXTREMELY HARMFUL / INJURIOUS to thos who become ADDICTED to it!

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