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                 Has the UNO lost all its TEETH that it fails to Stop Repeated Genocidal Air Strikes on
the Helpless Palestinians by the ZIONIST, SUPERMACIST and TERRORIST State of
                 As was the case in the past (latest and similar barbarism in the past, was inflicted on the Palestinians by Israel as recently as one and a half year back in 2012), the Zionist, Supremacist and
Terrorist State of Israel has been relentlessly pounding the Palestinians in Gaza during the whole of last week, using its Usual Pretext of  striking Hamas Terrorists, that has already resulted in the Death of more than 165 Palestinians and now as the reports are suggesting, it has already started its Ground Offensive too that may Further result in Massive casualties. Most reported casualties have been innocent civilians including women and children. AND, as usual, the UNO and Israel’sCreators / Protectors – The US and the UK in the main, as well as many other European Countries have apparently been dithering DELIBERATELY to allow Israel ENOUGH TIME to accomplish its current Military and Terrorist objectives in Gaza!

                  Considering that these Air Strikes have come just after a massive Combing Operation done by its Army in Gaza on the pretext of searching for some Hamas terrorists that it had blamed without proof, for the recent DEATH of three Israeli Youth settlers in Gazan territory, one is left wondering whether or not there exists a Predictable Pattern to these Cycles of Israel’s Airstrikes on Gaza? May be, as alleged by many Anti- Zionist Experts such as Dr. David Dukes of the US, the Israeli Army Periodically and
Deliberately indulges in one or the other type of “False Flag Operation” against the Hamas also, such as the one it had participated in Bombing and Torpedoing of the US Naval Ship USS Liberty, long time ago in 1952, to Falsely Implicate the Egyptian Air force by putting the blame for the Airstrike on Egypt! Similarly one suspects now that while making those Combing Operations inside Gaza on one pretext or the other, Israeli Army probably Manages to FIX ADVANCED and not EASY to DETECT, GPS transmitters
on Buildings it wants to Target through Air Strikes later, in a way the CIA Agents embedded inside UN Nuclear Inspection Agency groups had Indeed Done during the Inspection of Nuke Sites in Iraq before the US war on Iraq!   

       Has the UNO been now reduced to being a Hand Maiden of the West to Strike only against those countries that the West designates as its enemies?! Are the UN economic sanctions meant to be applied only against Iran on the pretext of stopping it from developing Nuclear Bombs while the Terrorist State of Israel purportedly and already posses a Stock Pile of Nukes?!

                Since, in the LAST TWO DECADES especially, the UNO has most certainly behaved in this manner, it is HIGH TIME that the REST of the WORLD other than the Western Countries, Derecognise the UNO forthwith and FORM an alternative World Body with EQUAL VOTING RIGHTS to all Sovereign Nations, with ENOUGH FINANCIAL and MILITARY might at its disposal to DEMOCRATICALLY DECIDE and ACT against ALL AGRESSOR  REGIMES that indulge in State Terrorism, either against their Neighbours or against their own Minorities, AND against Countries that Sponsor Terrorism as their State Policy! AND the FIRST such TERRORIST regime that it should ACT against, with all the RESOURCES at its Command should be the Terrorist, Supremacist, and Zionist State of Israel to force it to Accept a Peaceful Two Nation Formula of an Independent, Viable, Geographically Contiguous and  Congruent, Democratic Palestinian State living side beside with a Truly Non Racist and Democratic State of Israel, with well defined and Legally Justified Boundaries for both States!

Shahabuddin Nadeem

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