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Yakub Memon's death penalty reeks of vendetta and prejudice - The Hindu

Yakub Memon's death penalty reeks of vendetta and prejudice - The Hindu

Guilty by
association- By -
Hindu,July 26, 2015

Like  the article questioning
its propriety, one is forced to ask; should we be Chest Thumping over this
conviction of Yakoob Memon and be a part of a likely SPECTACLE of National
Rejoicing on 30th July 2015, that is likely to be the LAST DAY of
Yakoob’s life as well as his 53rd Birth Day?
No! If we want REAL, VISIBLE and EQUITABLE justice for all as
promised in our constitution!

In December 1992 & again in January 1993, before the Bombay
Blasts on March 12 1993, for which Yakoob is now going to be hanged, hundreds
of Muslims were killed in Stage Managed Barbaric Riots by the Right Wing
Extremists who were allowed to not only go scot free by a Communally Biased
Bombay Police, but in many high profile cases even High Ranking Police Officers
were found to have ACTIVELY aided and abetted the rioter’s rapacious
depredations and murders! (As per Justice Sri Krishna Inquiry Report, that till
date, gathers DUST in Mumbai Vidhan Sabha cupboards without any of the GUILTY
POLICE MEN / Rioters being punished in any significant manner!) 

a reaction to the BRUTAL RIOTS over almost two months, some Bombay
Muslims almost, in an act of ‘Jungle Justice / Vigilantism’ went ahead to
become associates in a conspiracy hatched across the borders and became their
hatchet men by planting 13 Bombs Serially on March 12, 1993 resulting in
unprecedented devastation & terror in the city.
            The Bombay Police then became SUPER
ACTIVE and EFFECIENCY PERSONIFIED to get the Muslim Suspects/Perpetrators
booked under TADA with unprecedented Alacrity and as reported in many
anecdotes, a reign of terror was also unleashed on all those who were even
remotely connected with the blasts or were related to any one accused to obtain
CONFESSIONS through Brutal Custodial Torture of all those who were held under
            In august 2007, Special TADA judge
P.D. Koda, had awarded death penalty to 12 accused and scores of others to life
and lesser terms, but all other death row prisoners got their sentences
commuted to either life terms or lesser terms except Yakoob!
Yakoob’s  tortuous trials
have finally ended, in what appears now as an UNJUTIFIABLY HARSH SENTENCE,
after RAW officer Raman’s report that Mitigating Circumstances by virtue of the
fact that he had returned to India  as an
“approver” only after having been promised CLEMENCY,  were disregarded / put under the carpet by
the team of Investigators and prosecutor(s) deliberately to OBTAIN and ENSURE a
DEATH PENALTY for him, More as an act of COLLECTIVE REVENGE against the entire
group of Conspirators, rather than serving justice in a balanced manner by
revealing to the judges, the MITIGATING FACTORS also, that might have resulted
in the Judiciary giving Yakoob a much lesser sentence! We have to wait and
watch as to what is REALLY in store for Yakoob finally after his LATEST REVIEW PETITION
in the Supreme Court gets heard on July 27, 2015, ( ironically by  a Bench under Justice  Dave who has REJECTED his PLEAS twice earlier!);
commutation of his sentence to a lesser term or the HANG MAN’s noose, that the
Maharashtra Government  seems to have GLEEFULLY
and  ALREADY MADE ready for YAKOOB to
send him to the GALLOWS at the earliest! 

A larger issue raised in this article is quite pertinent! Will
Yakoob’s Hanging really become a DETERRENT for others or is it  only going to result in  FURTHER and MORE  SEVERELY ENHANCING the JUSTIFIED FEELINGS of
VICTIM HOOD as well as  adding to the
existing ALIENATION of Indian Muslims in this case too, as well as by noticing the
DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSITE behavior of the Gujarat Police and Prosecutors  that was and is  openly on display while dealing with, respectively,
the Godhra Train Carnage Accused ( Muslims ) and the Post Godhra Carnage, Anti-Muslim
State Sponsored Genocidal Pogrom  carried
out by Hindu Right Wing Extremist RIOTERS 
and  seeing that the Law in India
is CLEARLY SELECTIVE on the basis of COMMUNITY to which an ACCUSED belongs!
Statistics quoted in this article do prove this point as well as the GLARING
DICHOTOMY that was seen in the LAW MAKERS as well as LAW ENFORCERS deliberately
soft pedaling and displaying SOFTNESS towards the Bombay Riots PERPETRATORS and
their ALACRITY and SEVERE VENGEANCE with which they went after the Bomb Blast

Memon's death penalty reeks of vendetta and prejudice-Hindu

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