Wednesday, 29 April 2015

India and China: Tracking two growth stories - The Hindu

India and China: Tracking two growth stories - The Hindu

Tracking two growth stories-
The Hindu, April 29, 2015

                        Dr. Arvind Virmani,a
CONFIRMED FAR-RIGHT ECONOMIST, in this article, keeps REPEATING on and
on,ad-nauseum only one OBSERVATION almost to EXCLUSION of any other ECONOMICAL
INSIGHT, that India is now slated to overtake CHINA in terms of GDP growth in
2015-2016 or at least in 2016-2017!

                        While he justifies his
optimism (& concomitantly that of IMF) with some SOUND ECONOMIC EMPIRICAL
& other EVIDENCES, he CAREFULLY avoids to make any other COMPARISON of
India’s Economy with that of CHina’s as they stand today!

                        He forgets to mention that
EVEN WHEN CHINA’S GDP is likely to fall to the EXPECTED LOW of 6.3 %,in
absolute DOLLAR TERMS that growth will be MUCH HIGHER than India’s 7.5 or even
8%,because of the MUCH HIGHER BASE of CHINA’s ECONOMY as compared to India’s!

                        So, Dr. Arvind
Viramani, is,apparently on behest of central government, BOOSTING a MIRAGE of
“INDIA overshadowing CHINA economically” that is BEING PEDDLED like GOSPEL
TRUTH to CLAIM that MODI Govt. has already brought “ACCHE DIN"!!!


Doctor is behaving lik ECONOMIC PROPAGANDIST fr JUMLA Govt.!

India& China:Tracking two growth stories- The Hindu

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