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A sobering moment for the BJP - The Hindu

A sobering moment for the BJP - The Hindu September 19, 2014

In this article, the duo
of Mr. Sanjay Kumar and Pranav Gupta are apparently desperate to prove, with
their ‘convoluted logic and rationales’, their following flawed hypothesis,
using all kinds of ‘Spin Doctoring’ of Poll – Data in its favour!
(1)        These repeated, consecutive and Pan – Indian By-Poll debacles
for the BJP in the three stages of By-polls since May 16, had nothing to do
with any ‘Disenchantment’ of the electorates 
with the Modi government at the centre and everything continues to
remain ‘hanky – dory’ between them!
(2)        Even though SP has won Eight out of Eleven seats that were
vacated by the BJP only recently after the Loksabha Elections, the SP has ‘No
Right to seek any CREDIT for it’ because this performance of SP was all because
of ‘External Factors’ other than its own poll strategy or campaign or its own
ability to win at any time!( This for the party in power in UP!)
(3)        The “Dalits’ who had all voted for the BJP in Loksabha had,
within four months changed their option for SP! (That too when the BSP regards
as the main OPPONENT for Dalits in UP! This assertion is made without giving
any “DIRECT co-relation between the ACTUAL DALIT VOTE percentages that might
have gone in favour of the SP!
(4)        AND no mention of the consolidation of SP’s main vote base –
The Yadavs?!
Not once do this duo
mention anything about the main “FLAW” that many others have noticed in the
BJP-Poll strategy of Making the Rabble- Rouser Yogi Adityanathan as their Main
Campaigner in UP and instead of the ‘Development Mantra’ that was very adeptly
used by Modi in his campaign for the Loksabha Polls, using the unfounded ‘Love
Jihad’ and other Communally Divisive issues for narrow electoral gains that
have clearly landed back on them as all ‘Boomerangs’ would eventually do!
All in all , this article
is a very poorly written article that is ‘Long’ on ‘opinion’ but short on
‘Statistical Facts and Proof’ and is Clearly an attempt by a pair that is
apparently ‘Deeply Disheartened’ by the drubbing BJP has received so early
after its landslide victory in the Loksabha Elections and hence is out to act
like an ‘Official Apologist Duo’ for it and while doing so falls in to a pit
where only those ,who  are ‘more loyal
than the king’ should belong! 

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