Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Kejriwal submits CD of sting operation to Delhi Lt. Governor - The Hindu

Kejriwal submits CD of sting operation to Delhi Lt. Governor - The Hindu, -September 10, 2014

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal addresses a press conference in Kaushambi on Tuesday.

  This attempt, at HORSE TRADING that has been
EXPLICITLY and COMPLETELY  ESTABLISHED by the STING OPERATION done by the AAP to get a few AAP or Congress
MLA'S in the Delhi Assembly to Resign and then FIGHT elections on BJP 's TICKETS,
 gives one a REMARKABLE sense of DEJA –
VU, since it  reminds one of 'OPERATION
KAMALA'  that was ENACTED by the BJP six
years back in KARNATAKA  when Twenty
ODD  JD(S) and Congress MLA's  had resigned 
and later FOUGHT the resulting BY- ELECTIONS on the BJP tickets resulting
in the UNSTABLE / MINORITY government of Yeddyurappa getting a REQUISITE
majority  and then LASTING its full term
that was ALSO beset with UNPRECEDENTED CORRUPTION involving the Bellary mining
barons ,the REDDY brothers !

If the LG 
now allows in DELHI a ‘LOTUS PROJECT’ to bloom, then I am afraid,
Yeddyurappa Government’s INFAMOUS RECORD will most likely be BROKEN!
So, if this blatant attempt at HORSE TRADING gets
permitted&that too at DELHI, the nation 
can NEVER come out of the  QUICKSAND
of  political Corruption!

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–September 10, 2014 is:

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