Thursday, 4 September 2014

At 100, more worries than hope - The Hindu

At 100, more worries than hope - The Hindu - Dated: September 3, 2014

The article
presents a Dispassionate & BALANCED analysis of 100 days of BJP- government
at the centre & successfully brings in to SHARP  FOCUS the ACUTE DIFFERENCE between; the
promise of converting India “through impromptu 
ACCHE DIN”  in to a "LAND of
MILK &HONEY within 100 days using the MAGIC WAND of  GUJARAT MODEL”  AND the REAL India that CONTINUES to suffer
from High Inflation and High and Rising prices of all essential commodities
with Tomato and Onion and many other fruits and Vegetables scaling NEW HEIGHTS!
AND to divert the Common Man’s attention away from his daily pressing problems,
we have the Right Wing Fringe groups who try and Keep the ‘Communal Cauldron
Hot and in fact, to boil Over on almost a daily basis! So much for the promise
of “Good if not Excellent Governance!
I am sure that
neither this article nor these Comments in its support will get any approval by
ANY of the Blind Modi-Bhakts! But I am also sure, neither I nor even  Mr.Yogendra Yadav would care about it!

The complete
Link to this article in The Hindu- dated September 4, 2014 is:

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