Saturday, 27 September 2014

                          An "OPEN LETTER" to Mr. Naseeruddin Sha, an actor "PAR COMPARE" but ......

Dear Mr.Naseeruddin Shah, Date: September 19,2014

                           While you were truly candid in most of your replies to the questions that directly related to your personal and professional life that Barkha Dutt asked you on ‘We the people’ NDTV show, your answer to her ( LEADING?) question whether like Shabana Aazmi you also had experienced any discrimination as a Muslim, you, almost on cue, not only said that neither you had faced any kind of discrimination, but also, you vouched on behalf of your brothers too that, nor had they faced any such discrimination and you also went on to MAKE a HIGHLY GENERALISED STATEMENT and I quote “There is too much ALARMISM amongst Indian Muslims” to which Madam Barkha ADDED (Once again on Cue and with Prior Agreement and Arrangement I suppose?) – and I quote “The siege mentality of the Muslims”!

                           I want to ask you, whether, even if it is ‘ALARMISM’ and a “Feeling of being under a siege” on the part of Indian Muslims, is it not justified after facing thousands of Minor Riots all over the country on a Day To Day basis AND hundreds of MAJOR RIOTS and POGROMS (1969 –Gujarat, 1970’s - Jamshedpur, Bhagalpur, Meerut, Aligarh, Bhiwandi AND post BABRI MASJID DEMOLITION RIOTS all over INDIA including that in a small city like Mysore in supposedly a PEACEFUL SOUTH INDIA, Mumbai (December 1992 – March 1993 for three long months and more that got stopped only after the Mumbai Bomb blasts - a terrorist act involving some Mumbai underworld dons!) and the ‘Crowning Glory’ - 2002 -Post Godhra State Sponsored Anti Muslim Gujarat Pogrom for which even a Children & Women Minister in the then Modi Government Dr. Mayaben Kodnani and some other Prominent VHP men like Baba Bajrangi were not only CONVICTED by a Supreme Court appointed Special Court in Maharashtra but also have been sentenced to life terms with specified minimum period of incarceration for both of them going beyond thirty years each, and the recent ‘Mini Gujarat Pogrom Replay in Muzaffarnagar UP (2013) that as per most if not all the INQUIRY COMMISSION REPORTS, were / are, engineered and totally orchestrated by the Right Wing Extremists and the fringe / goon elements in their Registered Affiliates like the VHP and Bajrang Dal? And now that the Sangh and its affiliates literally rule over India through their Political Wing at the centre shouldn’t the Indian Muslim be wary of them?

                     Have you forgotten Safdar Hashmi’s martyrdom, Have you forgotten how MF Hussain had to die in EXILE? Were Shaban Aazmi and Imran Hashmi lying when they mentioned about the discrimination they faced while they were trying to obtain flats in some localities?
I accuse you of having PLAYED to the GALLERY on this TV show to SELL your BOOK, your autobiography, by generalising your ‘PERSONAL EXPERIENCES of ‘NONDISCRIMINATION to YOU’ as a PROOF that there is NO DISCRIMINATION against ANY of the Indian Muslims, an assertion that flies in its face and which is the MOST ILLOGICAL CONCLUSION anybody can draw while being confronted by a Huge body of RECORDED EVIDENCE that exists in the archives of all the National Dailies as well as in the Hundreds of ‘COMMISION of INQUIRY REPORTS’ {Such as the Justice Sri Krishna Report on the Mumbai (1992 December – March 1993 post Babri Masjid Demolition riots}) that are lying in the central and respective state governments cupboards inside their record rooms gathering DUST for YEARS/ DECADES without any of the recommendations having been properly implemented!

                              By your ‘ONE DIPLOMATIC and NON-CANDID ANSWER’ that probably was made with a PRIOR AGREEMENT /ARRANGEMENT with the ANCHOR of this show, you have tried to NEGATE the MARATHON WORK that ‘THE SACHAR COMMITTE’ had done in ESTABLISHING with EVIDENCE the kind of OVERT and COVERT discrimination the Indian Muslim Community has CONTINUOUSLY FACED in India especially since INDEPENDENCE under EACH and EVERY government whether at the centre or at the States!
                       Lastly, are you AWARE that as per the LATEST SANGH PARIVAR DESCRIPTION, you are an ACCUSED PERSON? You are one of the many IDENTIFIABLE “LOVE JIHADIS”!

                    AND to conclude, it has always been the rule that it is “Ghar Ka BHEDI – the ‘Black Sheep’ that always proves to be the “BANE” of any community and I am afraid, The Indian Muslim Community can’t seek an exception to this rule and bear with the complete herd of them especially when such betrayal comes from Muslims who are no more ‘Muslims in any manner of behaviour or belief’ and have only retained their Muslim Names for some UNFATHOMABLE purpose that probably, God ALONE Knows!

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