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VHP plans Navaratri drive against beef, ‘love jihad’ - The Hindu

VHP plans Navaratri drive against beef, ‘love jihad’ - The Hindu - September 21, 2014

Subject:  This refers
to the news report “VHP plans Navratri drive against beef, ‘love jihad’! The
Hindu September 21,2014 AND
                            2) News report by Varghese K. George “Top
cops divided on ‘love jihad’! The Hindu September 21,2014
‘time immemorial’ and all over India, the Dasara (Navratri) festival has been
truly one festival of India that has always and necessarily been celebrated
less as a religious festival and more as a cultural one signifying the ‘Victory
of Good over the Evil’ in which traditionally all Indians cutting across  Caste, Creed and Religious divides have
participated joyfully in a spirit of secular bonhomie that is unique to India!

But now, these two news reports and the earlier report about the Madhya
Pradesh police, in the wake of Indore MLA Usha Thakur’s call for banning
Muslims from Garba events, asking the Organisers of the ‘Garba Dance
Programmes’ on the occasion of Nine day Navratri festival to allow people to
the dance venues only after identifying the antecedents of ‘Participants’ and
especially men, through ‘Proper Identity Badges’, are all, not just disturbing
but in a way alarming and hence the law enforcers – especially the Police force,  should be totally on guard pro- actively to
prevent any untoward communal incidents from happening!  

It is very clear that  these
‘Concerted efforts’  by various Extremist
Right Wing Fringe Elements  from the
Sangh affiliates and surrogates such as the VHP, Durga Vahini and Rama Sena and
so on to create a ‘Nation Wide’ movement against minorities using the
‘Unfounded Bogey’ of ‘Love Jihad’ and also ‘Beef Eating’ habits of some, are
specifically and deliberately meant to 
create a permanent rupture in the fabric of our nation’s  ‘Unity in Diversity’ and should be RESISTED
‘Tooth and Nail’ by all those who keep the ‘Secular Ethos’ dear to their hearts
and who in fact and really form a majority 
amongst all the different sections of our society.

God save India from the ‘Destructive Designs’ that are openly being made
nowadays  and ‘Potions of Hatred’ that
are being freely and  liberally  served by the ‘Communal Elements’ of all hues
in the name of ‘Imaginary Threats’ to their individual religious faiths with
the LAW  enforcing machinery watching
these spectacles, almost helplessly most of the times! 

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