Tuesday, 16 September 2014

BJP’s string of bypoll losses continues - The Hindu

BJP’s string of bypoll losses continues - The Hindu - September 16,2014

                 The BJP needs to THOROUGHLY INTROSPECT and that too hurriedly, for loosing miserably in all the THREE ROUNDS of the bye-polls within 100 days of its rule at the Centre; Uttarkhand (Lost 3 out of 3 to Congress), Bihar (Lost 6 out of 10 to JDU, RJD & Congress Combine) and now the DELUGE - lost 8 out of 11 in UP to SP, 3 out of 4 in Rajasthan to Congress where in fact, it had made a CLEAN SWEEP in Loksabha elections! AND the ‘crowning shame’- in Modi’s ‘own Gujarat’, Loosing 3 to Congress out of 9 where also it had made a clean Sweep in Loksabha!
If it does INTROSPECT thoroughly it would realise that the REASONS for this consecutive three DEBACALES are: 

                           1) Promising the MOON & then delivering NOTHING, not even ‘MOON DUST’! Promising 'Acche Din' in 100 days’ (where are they? In Nepal with 10000 Cr AID From Modi? While ONLY 100 Crores for WOMEN'S SAFETY in INDIA?), Promising to Bring back BLACK MONEY within 100 days from SWISS Banks for UPLIFTING the Poor and Reducing income Tax to ZERO ( AND then, adding insult to injury, HIKING RAILWAY FARES hugely that verily, struck at the poor man’s Pocket!), Promising to reduce PRICES of all Essential  Commodities in 100 days where as PRICES  kept rising all the time making the Common Man’s life miserable!

                        2) Winning a THUMPING majority in the LOKSABHA by harping only on the DEVELOPMENT  MODEL (Incidentally, the so called & MUCH HYPED GUJARAT MODEL!) and then UNLEASHING FRINGE COMMUNAL characters on the whole NATION and especially in UP  with the  STAR campaigners / performers in particular  being  various YOGI's from and IN UP apart from the BIG GUNS of the RSS and its affiliates in general, to VITIATE peace through False Love - Jihad & other Communally DIVISIVE propaganda in UP and many other places ( Goa, PUNE, Gujarat etc)!

               3)   AND while all this big ‘Communal Song and Dance DRAMA  by the Fringe Groups and their Characters is all the time being continuously  performed on the National Stage, Mr.Modi's MUCH PUBLICISED rhetorical ABILITIES vanish and  he starts EMULATING  our previous PM, Dr Manmohan Sing, to REMAIN totally SILENT at “HOME” in India, whatever be the PROVOCATIONS from the RIGHT WING FRINGE ELEMENTS(!) but is found to be, not only HIGHLY LOQUACIOUS but also is found to be in quite some SPIRITS while DRUMMING - UP support for India  in FOREIGN lands (Particularly in JAPAN!) and very ‘Generous’ too, towards Foreign Lands, declaring ‘suo-moto’ 10000 Cr AID to Nepal ( while ONLY 100 Crores gets allotted  for WOMEN'S SAFETY in INDIA, same as the 100 Crores for Sardar Patel's Statue in Gujarat?!)
                        The PUBLIC has thoroughly understood the Gap which is huge, between what Mr Modi had  promised and its PRACTICAL FEEBLE manifestation on the ground as well as the dichotomy, double speak and double standards that the BJP follows with its Government  Talking of Development all the time while its surrogates ( RSS, VHP, BAJRANGDAL etc through their 'Sub - delegated Fringe Characters)  keep the Communal Cauldron not only HOT but Boiling Over for short term ELECTORAL GAINS that results in Shredding the Nations Secular Fabric permanently that WE INDIANS, as a WHOLE,  thoroughly ABHOR permanently!

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