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India keeps historic date with Mars - The Hindu

India keeps historic date with Mars - The Hindu - September 24, 2014

   Apropos the ‘Uniquely Glorious Success of ISRO scientist’s in their very
maiden attempt at placing the ‘Mars Orbiter’ in to Mars’s orbit! Date:
September 24, 2014.

 Verily September 24, 2014 has to
be and will be written as a ‘Red Letter Day’ in the annals of not only ‘The
Indian Space and Research Organisation’ but also in India’s ‘space faring’

The ISRO scientists have made the whole nation proud by achieving a
‘Uniquely Glorious Success’ in their very maiden attempt at placing the ‘Mars
Orbiter’ successfully in to Mars’s orbit, a feat that has been achieved only for
the first time by any nation in its first attempt, proving to the whole world
that India is as advanced as any other so called Advanced Nations in its
‘Science and Technology Missions, be it Space Research or any other discipline
such as Nuclear Science!

The ‘Nation as a whole’ is totally Grateful to the ISRO scientists for
putting India on a ‘Pinnacle’ that the whole world is also appreciating and
applauding and for this we all offer our Heartiest Congratulations to them and
wish them more such magnificent successes in future.

We would also like the Central Government and especially Prime Minister
Mr. Modi not  to  stop just at offering a wholesome praise to
the ISRO scientists that he did in his own inimitable manner and style after
the successful completion of the Mission in Bangalore, but additionally he
should announce a ‘Grand Special Bonus’ for all the scientists and their
assistants who strived hard  over almost
an year after the mission’s launch in November 2013 to make this success
possible apart from giving all of them a ‘Special Golden Memento’ with a
‘Citation of Honour’ engraved on it that they can cherish for their whole life!

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