Thursday, 8 January 2015

Delhi Police form SIT to probe Sunanda Pushkar case - The Hindu

Delhi Police form SIT to probe Sunanda Pushkar case - The Hindu

The timing of this Revelation by the Commissioner of Police, New Delhi,
on January 6 is MOST SUSPECT  and is  apparently intended towards ‘Diverting Media
Attention’ away from SEVERAL Embarrassing issues that the central government
was facing of late.
Moreover, there is an adage that “If a 'Profound / Elaborate Explanation'
precedes a 'Contention' then the contention is 'Mala-fide'! 
As such ,the 'Highly Detailed and almost an
Apologetic Explanation' being provided by the Delhi police for Filing a Fresh
FIR after almost one year since the tragic & mysterious death of Sunanda
Pushkar, the deceased wife of Shashi Tharoor 
who was then a minister in the UPA-II government, is a ‘Clear Give Away’
that this FRESH DETOUR by the Delhi Police in the investigation, by suspecting
and declaring it to be a ‘suspected murder’ 
instead of a suicide as was declared after the first post-mortem
investigation, is apparently a ruse to ‘Hound’ an ideological and committed FOE
of the RSS and the Sangh Parivar, for his SPIRITED ATTACKS
in the past, on their Pernicious Communal Agenda while
defending his own belief in Secular 
Ethos of all Indians. (Their MOTTO?'Teach all ADVERSARIES a


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