Friday, 30 January 2015

No information on Jayanthi joining BJP: Jaitley - The Hindu

No information on Jayanthi joining BJP: Jaitley - The Hindu

POT calling the KETTLE
BLACK &the Devil quoting scriptures!

No information on
Jayanthi joining BJP: Jaitley-The Hindu


There exists an hour
long interview where in Bishen Singh Bedi (Ex India Cricket Test Player,
Surinder Khana 9 Ex- Delhi Ranji player) & Sameer Bahadur -Secretary DDCA
(all connected with Delhi District Cricket Association) have ACCUSED this
"Holier Than Thou" gentleman from BJP, of being in-charge of the DDCA
for 15 long years during which period, a MASSIVE SCAM of Rs.170 Crores,
connected with the building of Delhi Cricket stadium & its Fictitious
Renovations was carried out right under his nose by the DDCA officials! Social
Activist Madhu Kishwar is the interviewer & the details & evidence
revealed to her are CLINCHING!
This gentleman who
ALWAYS acts as if he is the Mr. Cleanest in Indian Political class has
purportedly been very accommodative as far as  this Mammoth Scam is concerned that puts
responsibility on him  at least
indirectly in overlooking the scam that was carried out by the Cronies in DDCA
who have ruined  many good Cricketing
Prospects  belonging to  Delhi District over the last 15 years! And so
when he mouths SERMONS on CRONY CAPITALISM, an accusation that fits his
PARTY-BJP more firmly, it looks like the Pot calling the Kettle Black& also
his sermons are akin to the Devil quoting the scripture!

The DIRECT LINK to the You Tube Video:

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