Thursday, 15 January 2015

Kiran Bedi joins BJP - The Hindu

Kiran Bedi joins BJP - The Hindu

Finally her "Anti Corruption Crusader Mask" goes for a six and the REAL face of a 'Power Hungry' Politician gets revealed! This very Lady had gone "Hammer and Tongs" against Arvind Kejriwal for Joining Politics by forming the Aam Aadmi Party and has CONTINUOUSLY criticised him since for what she called as 'An act of  Political Opportunism'?!

There is an adage in Urdu that transliterates as " An elephant has two distinct sets of TEETH, one set for chewing the food and another  set ( the Tusks) for SHOWING OFF! That is, self - centred , egotistical, and arrogant persons  always have different sets of rules, one set for themselves and another set (That is normally diametrically opposite to the other set) for Others! This lady is proving this belief as being an absolute truth because by Joining the BJP on the very eve of elections in Delhi, it is clear that She wants to Reap Likely Political Benefits by joining the Modi -Band -Wagon  assuming  she will sail through Using Modi's charisma?!

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