Friday, 30 January 2015

Sena wants ‘secular’, ‘socialist’ deleted from preamble to Constitution - The Hindu

Sena wants ‘secular’, ‘socialist’ deleted from preamble to Constitution - The Hindu

They want 2 Change it 2 Autocratic Rightist Communal Mobocracy?!

Let nation debate Preamble: Ravi Shankar - The Hindu


This attempt to STRIKE
at the Preamble of Constitution so as to DEMOLISH India's EXPLICIT COMMITMENT
to remain a Socialist State(ie. a state committed to welfare of all & not
just some BIG CAPITALISTS through blatant Crony capitalism)&a Secular State
(ie. a State that will not be a MAJORITARIAN unilateral state like Pakistan but
a state that will give Equal SPACE Constitutionally to each&every citizen
of India irrespective of his/her  caste,
creed,religion,language&region),is most certainly the beginning of an
attempt to eventually SUBVERT the CONSTITUTION itself  by HOOK or by Crook&is an OMINOUS  sign that every Citizen with a sane,
decent,& democratic bent of mind should take note of without fail and
without much DELAY now& our Civil Society needs to unite&take  SOLID Cudgels against these attempts
Ceaselessly to PREVENT ANY SUCH TAMPERING with Constitution since it is
SECULARISM &a SOCIALISTIC concern for all that have held India together so
far& without them it may DISINTEGRATE?!

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