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Throw out APARTHEID Co's!
OutrageOverUnderprivilegedChildThrownOutOfMcDonald's, ManagementApologises via@HuffPostIndia

Outrage Over Underprivileged Child Thrown Out Of McDonald's, Management Apologises

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After a McDonald's in Pune threw out an underprivileged child, outrage in social media has led the restaurant management to issue a statement that it would take appropriate action after an internal investigation.
The local McDonalds came under heavy fire after a woman executive posted on Facebook how restaurant staff manhandled and threw out an underprivileged child while she was buying a drink for him.
Shaheena Attarwala posted on Facebook on Thursday that she had visited a McDonalds in Pune on January 10 where an underprivileged child begged her for a drink. When Attrawala decided to go back inside the restaurant to buy the child a Fanta float, she asked him if he would like to go inside with her, stand in line, and buy the drink himself.
According to Attarwala's account, the fast food restaurant staff immediately pushed the child out of the joint. "A staff member came and dragged him from the collar and threw him outside saying we don't allow such people. It is extremely unfortunate; a human being should be considered and respected as a human," she alleged.
Despite clarifications from Attarwala that she had brought the child inside, she claimed that the restaurant staff was rude to her and told her "that these kind of people are not allowed inside."
An angry Attarwala took to Facebook to post the account, also narrating the sequence of events in her personal blog, demanding a response from McDonald's.

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