Saturday, 28 February 2015

Allocation raised for UPA’s flagship scheme - The Hindu

Allocation raised for UPA’s flagship scheme - The Hindu

March 1, 2015  

                     While there has been a GRANDIOSE (as well as a "JHOTELY-TONGUE-IN-CHEEK!) DECLARATION of increasing MGNREGA outlay by a PALTRY Rupees 5000 Crores for the ENTIRE 84 CRORE RURAL POPULATION of India,it has been done ONLY to OBFUSCATE the"QUID-PRO-QUO-MEGA GIFT"of a MAMMOTH reduction of CORPORATE TAXES by a whole 5%,that when calculated may turn out to be in terms of not just a FEW THOUSAND CRORES but may end up in to LAKHS of CRORES ANNUALLY to"ALL WEATHER FRIENDS"of this PARTY-BJP!

                       Many,nowadays,jokingly refer to this,as the"BHARATYA JUMLA PARTY"(That is a PARTY that PROMISES the MOON to EVERYBODY, like putting Rs 15-20 Lakhs in their Bank Accounts after getting back BLACK MONEY stashed away in FOREIGN BANKS, but eventually DOESN'T get even MOON DUST to them!),& this government as being a GOVERNMENT "BY" the Corporates, "OF" the Corporates& "FOR" the Corporates- that GETS ELECTED using PURPORTEDLY 25000 CRORES of Rupees received as NON-TRANSPARENT ELECTION FUNDS,&also tries to GRAB FARMER"s LAND openly by AMENDING LAARH bill in to a "FLG & JLUB" act - That is, "FARMERS LAND GRAB & JISKI LAATHI USKI BHAINS" -Act!

Whole 5% benefit to CORPORATES! Proved GOVT- BY,OF&FOR Corporates!

Allocation raised for UPA’s flagship scheme- Hindu

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