Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Government can probe into our funding: AAP - The Hindu

Government can probe into our funding: AAP - The Hindu

February 4, 2015

(I)The BJP-POT is trying to CALL the AAP-KETTLE Black!BJP whose 77.5 %
funds r frm undeclared sources questioning AAP?!



 1) I have said earlier too- BEYOND THRESHOLD of POPULARITY, a LEADER
like KEJRIWAL becomes IMMUNE to INNUENDOS & Slander! Each barb rebounds as

2) SO when OPPONENT'S Dirty Tricks Departments THROW MUD at KEJRIWAL,
STORM of his POPULARITY returns that MUD back at them &Thoroughly SMEARS

3)BJP - 'Think Tank' MAKING desperate BELOW the BELT attacks on AAP?!
But-Jisko Allah / Ram Rakkhe, Usko Kaun Chakkhe? ZOR se BOLO-5 SAAL KEJRIWAL!

4) BJP-POT is  calling AAP-kettle

5)Proof that BJP took donations from the company responsible for Bhopal
Gas Tragedy


6) My intuition, God willing, AAP will cross 50%Vote share & a 50
seat Mark& the SLOGAN  5 SAAL
KEJRIWAL will RESOUND in the CORRIDORS of POWER ( Delhi ASSEMBLY)  on 10th Feb 2015!

7) And GOD willing, with a majority in EXCESS of 50, Kejriwal will be
left FREE 2 fulfill  all PROMISES made 2
Common Man in FULL 5 yrs!

8) HT-C Fore projections are nearer to what’s likely but VERY
CONSERVATIVE, AAP SEAT interval will be 44 - 50+ seats & >50% vote

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