Saturday, 28 February 2015

Muslims must become Hindus if they want respect: VHP leader - The Hindu

Muslims must become Hindus if they want respect: VHP leader - The Hindu

 Muslims must become Hindus if they want respect: VHP leader –The Hindu March 1, 2015


                          If one goes,  by the IMPUNITY with which the Swamy Nityananda's, Sakshi Maharaj's,other  Sadhvi's and Sangh Pracharak are FLOUTING the LAWS on EQUALITY  before law of all, including Minorities, by RUNNING the GHAR VAPASI, LOVE JIHAD, and other OBNOXIOUSLY PUNGENT anti-minority campaigns, DESPITE the GRANDILOQUENT RHETORICAL SPEECH by the BJP-MASCOT who has truly become only a “JUMLA MAN” now, “BLATANT provocations  against the Minorities are continuing! 

                         So, it is hard to say WHETHER we are HEADING towards a FASCIST REGIME as TEESTA SETALVAD & MANY OTHERS have CAUTIONED us OR we are ALREADY there, considering the FACT that JUDICIAL PROCESSES are getting subverted to GET ALL the "FAKE ENCOUNTER CRIMINALS IN UNIFORMS" out of prisons on one pretext or the other and REINSTATING them and even PROMOTING a few of THEM APART from providing RELIEF through UNLIMITED PAROLES for JAILED convicts of the ANTI-MUSLIM GUJARAT POGROM,like Dr.MAYABEN KODNANI and BABA BAJRANGI who were convicted by SPECIAL CBI court for their HEINOUS CRIMES that are UNSPEAKABLE even NOW because they were GRUESOME MOB MURDERS&hence they were JAILED for LIFE with TERMS exceeding 30 years-But they now ENJOY long PAROLES&Home Comforts!

                      AND also , the FACT that those LEGAL PERSONALITIES like TEESTA SETALVAD who were in the FOREFRONT to get JUSTICE for the VICTIMS of the 2002 Gujarat ANTI-MUSLIM POGROM  are being implicated in to, purportedly FALSE CASES to harass them endlessly, is another KIND of SUBVERSION and MISUSE of the JUDICIAL process EXACTLY the WAY it was done by the FASCISTS in ITALY and the NADZIS in Germany ! 

                   So, our SECULAR CIVIL SOCIETY needs to NOW BUCK UP and get up to FIGHT & DEFEAT  this RAPIDLY DEVELOPING MENACE  that otherwise is very LIKELY to irrevocably RUPTURE  the PEACE in our SOCIETY  that is very VITAL  for ANY KIND OF DEVELOPMENT and PROGRESS!


                   India a secular state UNDER MODI&RSS watch?A JOKE!

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