Saturday, 28 February 2015

An exercise in contraction - The Hindu

An exercise in contraction - The Hindu

                            While there has been a GRANDIOSE (as well as a "JHOTELY-TONGUE-IN-CHEEK!) DECLARATION of increasing MGNREGA outlay by a PALTRY Rupees 5000 Crores for the ENTIRE 84 CRORE RURAL POPULATION of India,it has been done ONLY to OBFUSCATE the"QUID-PRO-QUO-MEGA GIFT"of a MAMMOTH reduction of CORPORATE TAXES by a whole 5%,that when calculated may turn out to be in terms of not just a FEW THOUSAND CRORES but may end up in to LAKHS of CRORES ANNUALLY to"ALL WEATHER FRIENDS"of this PARTY-BJP!
                      Many,nowadays,jokingly refer to this party,as the"BHARATYA JUMLA PARTY"(That is a PARTY that PROMISES the MOON to EVERYBODY, like putting Rs 15-20 Lakhs in their Bank Accounts after getting back BLACK MONEY stashed away in FOREIGN BANKS, but eventually DOESN'T get even MOON DUST to them!),& this government as being a GOVERNMENT "BY" the Corporates, "OF" the Corporates& "FOR" the Corporates- that GETS ELECTED using PURPORTEDLY 25000 CRORES of Rupees received as NON-TRANSPARENT ELECTION FUNDS,&also tries to GRAB FARMER"s LAND openly by AMENDING LAARH bill in to a "FLG & JLUB" act - That is, "FARMERS LAND GRAB & JISKI LAATHI USKI BHAINS" -Act!

Whole 5% benefit to CORPORATES!Proved GOVT-BY,OF&FOR Corporates!
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         AND ALSO:

                       Anaemic allocation leaves healthcare gasping for more-The Hindu, March 1, 2015

                           Why should it MATTER to Mr. JAITELY at all!

                        When he gets SERIOUSLY ILL he SIMPLY has to shift from his BIG BUNGALOW to either AIMS-Delhi or CIRCULATE in all the SPECIALITY HOSPITALS in DELHI or in the whole of INDIA or WORST comes to WORST,he can FLY out to MODI's FRIEND BARRACK'S USA for a "HIGHLY SPECIAL TREATMENT"in the WORLDS "NUMBER 1- HIGH SPECIALITY HOSPITAL"under care of the "MOST EXPERIENCED DOCTORS of INTERNATIONAL REPUTE for as LONG as DOCTORS want or if he takes FANCY to HOSPITAL or its STAFF there-as long as he himself wishes to stay comfortably& RETURN FULLY in the PINK of HEALTH to continue with his "SUPER SPECIALITY ,PRASANNA+BEDI+CHNDRASHEKHAR+VENKATA RAGHAVAN COMBINATIONAL SPIN"over all the issues that the Government is UNABLE to JUSTIFY like AMENDING the LAAR Bill in to a"FLG & JLUB Act"(That is,AMENDING"Land Acquisition And Rehabilitation Bill"in to "FARMERS LAND GRAB &JISKI LAATHI USKI BHAINS" Act!)

SO,take what's thrown at you -YE BEGGARS & Don't FRET- You wanted them!
This doesn't affect sick JHOTELY!so Y shud he BOTHER?
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