Friday, 27 February 2015

MNREGA 'monument to failure of Congress govts.': Modi - The Hindu

MNREGA 'monument to failure of Congress govts.': Modi - The Hindu

He should be told, he is no more on a CAMPAIGN TRIAL trying to use ANTI-INCUMBENCY of previous govts.,one of which was BJP/ Vajpayee government for seven long years continuously from 1998 to 2004& that too eight years after Economic Liberalisation had converted Indian Economy from a State Controlled Economy to Globalised Free Market Economy thanks to same Congress Government that he criticizes,in which, Manmohan Singh  as its FM had carried out breakthrough Economic Liberalisation reforms!

He should mind his OWN government’s Failure in not delivering on any of his Grandiloquent & Tall Campaign promises made during his “Rabble Rousing” six months long Campaign because, now he and his govt have become but of several jokes like; “Govt with one PRADHAN MANTRI & Several SANTRIS”(One PM with several WATCHMEN!), ALL poll promises were”Chunavi Jumlas”from none other than the “JUMLA MAN”, after DELHI 56" chest has now shrunk to 26"& "Master
Vikas" has not been delivered even after 10 months?!

So LEAVE CONGRESS alone and MIND your own Business of DELIVERING on your GRANDILOQUENT POLL PROMISES when even your so called " VIKAS"  has not been delivered EVEN after the NATION has gone through its BIRTH PANGS and waited with bated breadth for 10 long months!  

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