Friday, 13 February 2015

Kejriwal appointed Delhi Chief Minister - The Hindu

Kejriwal appointed Delhi Chief Minister - The Hindu

14th February 2015 will become RED LETTER DAY in ANNALS of INDIA'S POLITICAL HISTORY& with it will begin a NEW EPOCH of CLEAN POLITICS!

Only the OTHER DAY, Arvind Kejriwal, taking a leaf out of the MAHABHARAT / GEETA had TWEETED an anecdote:
महाभारत में श्रीकृष्ण से दुर्योधन ने सेना मांगी थी। अर्जुन ने श्रीकृष्ण का साथ माँगा था। आज भाजपा के पास सारा तंत्र है। हमारे साथ भगवान् हैI

His above ASSERTION, was in fact an INDIRECT PRAYER for “ PROVIDENCE” to INDEED help him and his Group of AAP members and Volunteers to be able to withstand the PRESSURE and the THREAT they were FACING from this MAMMOTH and GARGANTUAN ARMY of EXPERIENCED KAURUVAS of INDIAN POLITY, in the CURRENT POLITICAL KRUKSHETRA at DELHI and to be able to SUCCEED so as to uphold TRUTH and JUSTICE and to REIGNITE the FAITH of people in the adage : SATYA MEVA JAYATE!
AND obviously “EVERY one’s GOD”, whatever his FORM be, did indeed MAKE Kejriwal’s ‘NOT SO POWERFUL ARMY’ of POLITICAL PANDUVAS succeed in the MOST BLAZING and SHINING manner that hardly any body would have expected!

So fellow CITIZENS be rest assured, as I had already suggested in my EARLIER FACE BOOK POST yesterday afternoon, 7th February 2015 would SURELY be written Down as a RED LETTER DAY in the ANNALS of India’s Political History and this day would indeed HERALD a new EPOCH for the Indian Democracy in which it will, GOD willing, get liberated from CORRUPTION, COMMUNALISM, CASTE –ISM and CRONY CAPITALISM”- once and for all!
AND hence, LET all of us, wish and pray to GOD, that this BRIGHT BEACON getting lighted by the AAM AADMI PARTY under the UNIQUE GANDHIAN LEADERSHIP of ARVIND KEJRIWAL will not JUST ILLUMINATE INDIA’S HEART – DIL for DELHI, but would result in BECKONING the REST of the COUNTRY to Join it soon and TREAD the SAME ILLUMINATED POLITICAL PATH that DELHI would be treading DURING the NEXT ‘FIVE” years ( OR may be, for an UNLIMITED Duration if GOD wills!)

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