Tuesday, 31 March 2015

An embarrassing stance - The Hindu

An embarrassing stance - The Hindu

MY letter addressed to The Hindu over this editorial - Dated March 27, 2015

Dear Sir,

Apropos your editorialAn embarrassing stance” –
The Hindu, March 27, 2015

While  many ,
including  myself would like to endorse
your criticism against the Indian Government’s stance in the UN over the
Russian sponsored vote against providing equal benefits to “Same Sex Couples” on
humanitarian grounds, I have one objection to raise over a sweeping claim that
you make and I quote:  “
law has been marked by its commitment to full safeguards against the trampling
by majority groups of the rights of minority social groups”!
This claim definitely flies in the face of facts when one
considers the recent “BEEF BAN Act” that the Maharashtra Government managed to
promulgate after it was endorsed by the President of India, that too after a
lapse of nearly 20 years! And incidentally almost all the states that were ruled
by the BJP at one time or the other were also instrumental in passing similar
laws in their states when they were in power, as were even some NON-BJP ruled
states who did this,  showing ACROSS the
FULL POLITICAL SPECTRUM, a uniform disregard for the “RIGHTS of a LARGE SOCIAL
GROUP ( straddling over Muslims, Christians and Dalits)  over their FREEDOM of CHOICE of FOOD and
CULINARY habits! As such, one is forced to conclude that in India,
discrimination over Caste, Religion, Region and Language seems endemic, not
only at an INDIVIDUAL LEVEL but also at the level of even the STATE that is
supposed to be a Democratic, Socialist and Secular Republic!

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